Kashmir Paradise

The Paradise at a Glance

Heaven is a haven unimaginable, indefinable & of course unremarkable by any individual living on earth at a place too away from heaven itself. Nature has been bountiful on a piece of land with abundance of everything pleasantly smooth & charmingly beautiful pastures passing through which do the water streams & brooks flow to quench the thirst of the thirsty even without drinking it. Wild natural flowers of the river basins & banks dazzle the eyes in spring & summer. Yellow autumn is yet another sight soothing phenomenon of nature. Waters & lands, meadows & flowers are panacea for the disease. It is the heaven for the fit & haven worth a tour for the sick to enjoy & cure. This is the feeling in practice but failing of explanation & definition of what exactly makes a place, a spot on earth as the paradise, meant to be felt with the blowing breeze, whistling air waves every morning & evening. It is something comfortable to live in to sleep in, to breath in, romantic climate, mesmerizing green forests, unusual mix of music of birds & air flow takes one away from himself to a distant land of dreams .Nature in harmony with the comforts & pleasures of human nature. Nature in nature, A place of bliss, Joy & soothing for those specially who lacked the discourse with truth & eternity. A place that hints at the eternal piece unimaginable is imaginable. Something we are not acquainted with is understood on this piece of land between earth & heaven. composed to calm posed, peace & tranquility .Bountiful God`s bounties, are part of the grace Kashmir is endowed with is it early Gift of Almighty to the land & world.

To be at a resort abounding with specific characteristics of nature is indispensible for the conscious human soul to appreciate the drawings & designs of nature. He is supposed to come face to face with the display & features of nature & human mind is refined to appreciate the bounties that he would come across in the world of wonder. Waterfalls following down of brook & streams with fresh & cool water worth a drink & bath in the unpolluted environment dancing through the sides of meadows. Startling beauty has captured the imagination of artists and writers world over. A sanctuary of diverse wildlife, massive glaciers, highest beautiful mountain peaks, blue lakes, rivers, forests & meadows with wild flowers-natural in origin, snow clad mountain tops ,picturesque valleys connected by rivers & streams carving out the valley’s captivating & bewitching piece of land on earth n- a paradise unimaginable, a dream land unfathomable.


The Jammu & Kashmir at a Glance

Jammu & Kashmir is one of the state situated in the north of india.It is located between 32o 17`north & 37o 6`north latitudes & 73o 36`east & 80o 30` east. It is bordered by china & afganistan in the north & Pakistan in the west.Panjab & Himachel Pradesh lie towards its south.
Area 2,22,236 sq kms
Capital Summer( May to Octomber) Srinagar
Boundries International :- China,Afganistan,Pakistan
Districs 22
Languages Urdu-Kashmiri-Dogri- Hindi- Panjabi-Parari-Ladakhi-Balti-Gojri-Shuna-Pashtu
Population 1,25,48,926( Cencus operation 2011J&K)Fig.at a glance.
Population growth rate 23.71%in 2011 as compared to 29.04%in 2001
Sex Rate 883in 2011as compared to 892in 2001 ( per thousand)
Population dencity 56%in 2001as compared to 46 in 2001 ( kms.sq)
Litracy rate 78.26%male 58.1% females cencus operation J&k 2011(fig. At a glance.
National Park Kishtwar National Park-Hemis high attitude national park-Salim Ali National Park-Dachigam National park.
Wild life sancturies 15
Record forest area 22686sq kms
State Bird Hangul
State Tree Black-Necked crane
State Flower Chinar
State Sports Lotus
State Language PoloWaler lake-Dal lake-Anchar lake-Manasbal lake-Ganderbal Sheshnag-Neelnag-Kousernag
Important Lakes Jehlum-Ravi-Tawi-Chenab & Indus
Important revers Siachin-Biafo-Baltaro-Hisper-Nubra-Nunkun-Nangaparbat-Amernath
Importnat Glacier Banihal-Peer ki gali- Haji peer Zojila-Nathula-panzila-Synthen- Kharduhgla
ImportantPasses Verinag- Kokernag - Achabal-Cheshmashahi-Khirebavani-Vasernag-
Important Spring Chinar-Popular-fir-Pine-Deodar
Vegetation Hangul-Markhor-Snow leopard-Bactrain camel
Endangered species Coal-Gypsum-Borex-Limestone-Graphite-Ochre
Minerals Rice-Wheat-Maize-Tobaco-Oilseeds-Saffron
Crops Handicrafts-Tourisem-Silk-Cemment
Industries Hydro Power
Energy Resorces Martand-Shahkul-Latkul-Nur-Sumbal-Babul-Sangul-Ranbir canel
Irrigation Canals Tatta Pani-Deng & changthang
Hot water springs Tatta Pani-Deng & changthang

Physiographic Division.

The K & K is divided into three Physiographic Division.
1:- Sub – Himalayan Jammu:-
A:- The outer plainsB:- The outer hillsc:- The middle Mountains

2:- Himalayan Kashmir:-
A:-The mountain ring
D:-Kishan Ganga Vally
B:- Vally floor
E:- Karewas
C:- The Jehlum gorged
F:- Side-Valleys

3:- Trans-Himalayan ladakh:-
A:- Zanskar rangeb:-Indus furrowc:-KarakoramD:- Plateaus of changthang


The Climate of Jammu & kashmir varies Greatly owing to its topography.The state is devided into three climate zones:
1:- Sub-Tropical Jammu2:- Temperate Kashmir3:- Sub-Artic Ladakh

The temperature in the region varies.Leh is the coldest(-28d average) while Jammu is the hotest.Mean monthly temperature is lowest in January & highest in July,except in Jammu,where high temperture is experienced in june . Mean monthly temperature in January varies from -17d c at Drass to 14d c at Jammu,Kargil & Leh Observe blow freezing degree average temperature.

Seasons of the Vally:-

Ice Cold
16th March to 15th May
16th May to 15th July
16th July to 15th September
16th September to 15th November
16th November to 15th January
16th january to 15th March (Chillai Kalan)

Forest Resorces:-

In J & K the forest area is 22,686sq kms which is 10.21% of the total graphic area.These are largely distributed in kashmir vally & jammu region.Ladakh begin a cold desert is devoid of forest vegetation.


The major soil found in J& k are:
1:-Alluvial soil
4:-Forest hill soil
2:-Karewa soil
5:-Glacial soil
3:-Sub-mountains soil
6:-Mountain meadow Soil